Welcome to Massey Divall Financial Services

MDFS are independent mortgage and protection advisers.

Our job is to undertake research on your behalf and recommend the most appropriate financial solutions for you, after having obtained detailed information from you about your circumstances, financial goals and attitude to risk. MDFS provide you with personalised written reasons why we have recommended particular products, you are also provided with written reasons why a certain course of action may have been taken.

Single-tied or Multi-tied Agents

Many people simply buy financial products or receive advice through what are known as multi-tied or single-tied agents, such as bank, building society and supermarket sales staff. When looking for a mortgage, mortgage protection or family protection policy, it may appear easier to pop into a bank, supermarket or building society and simply accept what is sold through that organisation’s relationship with one, or perhaps a few, financial product providers.

The single-tied or multi-tied salesperson, who provides the product information for you, is acting on behalf of the company by whom they are employed, or with who they have a tied relationship.

Many people buy products from single-tied or multi-tied salespeople, usually because they feel more comfortable buying from a big name, assuming, sometimes incorrectly, that they are bound to get a good deal. What they are actually getting is limited information from a small selection of products.


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