Fee Free

Unlike some mortgage brokers we don’t charge customers a fee in addition to what we receive from mortgage lenders, regardless of the amount of work involved.

Croydon Mortgage Broker

We’re a local mortgage broker in Croydon. So, we’re ideally placed to help when you’re looking for a perfect mortgage. You'll find us on Unbiased.

Cut your Paperwork

We look after your mortgage application from start to finish. But, if you ever want to know anything help is just a phone call away.

Professional & Friendly

All our mortgage experts are qualified, experienced and friendly. In other words, we’re totally professional

We’re are a Croydon Mortgage Broker, not 10s or even 100s of miles away…. So, we’re ideally placed to help when trying to find that a perfect mortgage. Offering genuine fees free mortgage advice is actually at the core of what we do. You’ll find us on Unbiased, because that’s what we are when it comes to getting your mortgage.

Fee Free – You don’t get charged fees at MDFS

As with other mortgage brokers we receive a payment from the lender at completion of your mortgage. Unlike other mortgage advisers we don’t charge you a fee of any amount or description, regardless of the amount of work involved. For these reasons, and as result of our unbiased approach, more and more customers are turning to MDFS for mortgage advice. We’re here to save you money on your mortgage, not cost you more than it would if you did it yourself, that’s madness.

In fact, applying for your mortgage through us costs you no more than going directly to a mortgage provider for the same deal. Moreover, frequently we’ll have access to special deals not available directly from lenders.

How we do it

We offer mortgage advice in a number of ways, such as telephone, online and video appointments. Also, there’s no need to take time off work. You can book appointments suited to your busy schedule, 24 hours a day. In the long run you’ll find us especially simple to use


How we help you

Sometimes finding the perfect mortgage advice isn’t easy. Using a local Croydon mortgage adviser is a great and easy route to use when you’re looking to get a market leading deal.  Surprisingly, there’s so many mortgages and advisers to choose from. But why spend hours checking the internet at night, when you’re probably better off spending time with your friends and family.

Finding the right mortgages for people is something we do every day. Why not let our advisers search the market to find you a great mortgage deal. In fact, using a mortgage broker allows you to swiftly cover a huge range of mortgage lenders. You’ll also benefit from our experience in the paperwork department. We’ll always be working in the background for you. Reacting without delay, keeping you up to date, and making sure things run smoothly. Not to mention the extra layer of protection you’ll get when using a regulated mortgage adviser, as opposed to going it alone. Even better, we’re a mortgage broker right on your doorstep.

Cutting through your Paperwork

Nobody likes paperwork. The mortgage application process can be stressful, not to mention confusing. With this in mind, there’s no need to fret, because we’ll deal with all that. Indeed, we look after your application from start to finish. Furthermore, if you ever want to know anything, you’ll be constantly updates with e-mail and text alerts, and more help is just a phone call away.

Professional and Local Mortgage Advice

Another Key Point to note when dealing with MDFS is: we’re fully regulated. That is to say we’re registered by the Financial Conduct Authority, the UK’s independent financial regulatory body. All our mortgage experts are qualified, experienced and friendly. In other words, we’re totally professional. Mortgage advisers at your doorstep.


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Your mortgage in 3 easy stages

We make unlocking your perfect mortgage easy. First, we find out exactly what you’re looking to do. Second, we search the market and run your preferences through our knowledge base. Third and last, we apply for your mortgage and truly cut through the paperwork.

OK, so it’s probably a bit more work than we’ve made it sound. But, that’s not a concern really, because all the hard work is down to us. Our client reviews speak for themselves. Our mortgage advisers can start helping straight away.

Giving you access to market leading mortgages


Mortgage Schemes


Lending Sources


Fees Free Advice

What customers say about MDFS

Book your online appointment time-slot

Why not book a time-slot to suit your busy schedule. Our automated mortgage advice appointment booking system is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Time-slots last up to 30 minutes. All appointment time-slot advisers are CeMAP qualified

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