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remortgages can help you reduce your monthly mortgage costs

Recently, MDFS have seen an increase in the number recommended mortgage clients looking to access fees free remortgages. Some of the reasons for applying have been: Home Improvements, Buy to Let Property Deposits, Bank of Mum and Dad and Debt Consolidation.

Fees free remortgages very often include free legal work, free mortgage valuations and with MDFS free advice. 

According to the Trade Union Congress, unsecured debt hit a new peak of £15,400 per household last year.

There’s no doubt that household debt is increasingly becoming an issue for many homeowners. A fees free remortgage could, but it’s worth taking advice on this, be a good idea for anyone actively looking to improve their financial position and consolidate debts.

Most fees free remortgages come with the added advantage of no upfront fees and can be quick to arrange in the right circumstances. Interested in looking at a remortgage?. Look us up at www.mdfs.co.uk and give us a call.

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We’re a local mortgage broker in Croydon and Bromley. So, we’re ideally placed to help if you’re looking for a perfect mortgage to go with you perfect home. Offering genuine fees free mortgage advice is actually at the very core of what we do.

You can use either telephone or video to discuss your mortgage during the day or evening. Therefore there’s no need to take the day off work. 

We’ll be pleased to answer all your questions and queries. Furthermore, we’ll continue to answer all your questions throughout the entire application process

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