Halifax Prize Draw

Halifax Prize Draw

Halifax, the mortgage lender, are holding a prize draw for mortgage customers applying for a qualifying mortgage before 30th December 2018.

According to Halifax, three main prize draw winners will receive up to £300,000. The prize money, would you believe it, can be used towards paying off the winners home loan. Furthermore, 100 runners will receive cash prizes of £1,000. Bringing the total spend to a staggering £!M

To have a chance of winning one of these prizes, you’ll need to be a home buyer, remortgaging to Halifax. Additionally, you can also be a Halifax customer looking to use a transfer of equity.

You need to register for the Halifax prize draw before 31st January 2019. Also, your Halifax mortgage will need to complete before the 31st March 2019.

Here’s what you need to know about the prize draw:#

Things to Know

  1. Apply for a qualifying Halifax mortgage by 30th December 2018
  2. Register for the Prize Draw by 31st January 2019
  3. Complete on your Halifax mortgage by 31st March 2019
  4. Prize Draw date: 15th April 2019
  • Halifax will pay off your mortgage balance at the time of the draw, up to the value of £300,000
  • Draw is available to home buyers, those remortgaging to Halifax and existing Halifax customers changing the people named on their mortgage
  • The Offer can be withdrawn at any time and excludes the following: buy to let mortgages, additional borrowing, product transfer and applications through Halifax Intermediaries. As well as entries from Northern Ireland
  • Halifax will write to all winners. Winners will be invited their local branch, where the prize will be awarded

So, as you can see the Halifax prize draw will not be open to customers getting mortgage advice a broker. At MDFS we’re not entirely sure that you would want to take a punt at winning this prize draw and risk leaving yourself without receiving professional advice…. But it’s kind of interesting to see what a major mortgage provider is prepared to do in pursuit of new business. in using the some of the very words contained in the Halifax Wizard of Oz advert…. Oh, Will you… could you…

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